Martes, Oktubre 23, 2012

Round up through the world of Circball

     Emerging from the metro, players in their emblematic jerseys with red band on their sweating heads all brace up as they clash against their rivals in the circle shaped arena. Yes, you read it right, in the circle shaped arena. You might actually think that it is your ordinary ball game, well, gear up as we put you in this one-of-a-kind circular battle of the era.
 Spinning up the ball
    Juan’s obsession to basketball had totally changed the Philippines sporting culture. Throughout the years, basketball proved to be invincible and remained as the country’s number one sport. However, with the desire of some Filipinos to create a game that is purely ours and we can be proud of, an innovation to basketball has been made giving rise to an all new ball game—Circball.
     Circball also known as Loveball game uses a cluster-ring design with two baskets in tandem located intuitively at the center of a specially designed round court. It is a 100 percent ‘pinoy’ concept out of the creative notions of Virgilio Vysosias, a 38-year old Philippine sports enthusiast.
First encounter
     Circball is a little bit complicated to play compared to basketball as it features an all new set of rules and regulations. It involves two teams; each composed of six players. The game will start with the ‘Drop ball’, which can be compared to basketball’s jump ball, after which, opposing teams will begin to brawl as they try to shoot the ball in a cluster ring design with a big out robe without backboard.
     Scoring in this game is easier than basketball; if the player fires in the red and white zone, one point is given when basket comes from the outer ring and three-points if the ball shrinks in the primary ring. Moreover, one will get three-points if the shot is made in the outer green zone and four-points will be given if one shoots from the blue zone. The scoring rule also includes the ‘Human rights play’ which gives chance for the losing team to score after the games score has been tallied.
Not your ordinary game
     Freedom of expressing moral principles— this signifies the overall goal of circball. More than the game, it wants to uphold the values that were slowly getting out of the Philippine sporting scene— love, cleanliness, charity and honesty.
      Blasting with fun-filled action, it clamors the artistry and creativity of Filipinos which can match the prestige of other well-known sports of this generation. Moreover, this game indulges and will continue to inculcate the principles and values as well as the spirit of sportsmanship among Pinoys.

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